Submission of abstracts

The abstract submission deadline has been extended to 14 February!

The language of the abstracts should be in English. Please save this document to your computer and use it to create your abstract (if the webbrowser saves it as a zip file, rename the file to Topic_x_surname_givenname1.docx and it should work). The topic number can be found from the final call for abstracts.

If you can’t get a password from the abstract upload login, please check your spam folder! If you have problems with the abstract upload, please send your abstract to nordrocs2016(at)!

Save the file as a PDF before submitting and include the name of the topic and author in the filename. If the link to document does not work please use these guidelines for formatting abstracts:

Font Arial, 11 points
Title Capital letters, bold, centered text.
Author list First name and last name, centered text. Leave one empty line after the author list. All relevant authors should be listed. Mark the speakers name with bold.
Affiliation Name of affiliation, address and country. Centered text.
e-mail The e-mail address of the presenting author. Centered text. Leave one empty line after e-mail address.
Main text and subtitles Text is to be divided into following subtitles: Background, Aim, Conclusion. The subtitle should be aligned at the left. Leave one empty line after the title. Leave one empty line after each paragraph. Leave one empty line before the next title.

The abstract should not exceed 1 page.

You need to register at LOGIN before uploading of abstracts. Please notice the topic number of your abstract before you go to uploads (name and number of topic can be found in the “Call for abstract”).  For uploading of abstracts click here! If there are any problems with uploading your abstract or registration, please mail and we will assist you.

The abstracts will be assessed in the Review Committee, and the oral and poster presentations will be selected based on the Review Committee’s recommendations. If you would prefer a poster presentation, add a note “Poster presentation” above the main text of the abstract. The accepted abstracts will be printed in black/white and distributed at the conference.

A short paper on oral presentations will be required from the accepted speakers before the conference. This should be about 4 pages and will be published on our webpage before the conference as well as in the conference program.