Keynote and invited speakers


Poul L. Bjerg, Professor, DTU Environment, Technical University of Denmark

Katrine Borgå, Professor, Section for Aquatic Biology and Toxicology, University of Oslo

Mette M. Broholm, Associate Professor, DTU Environment, Technical University of Denmark

Rick (John Frederick) Devlin, Professor, Geology Dept., University of Kansas, USA

Upal Ghosh, Professor, University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA

Bodil Liedberg Jönsson, Ph.D., Strategic Development Director, Oskarshamn Municipality

Kristina Lindström, Professor, University of Helsinki

Paul Nathanail, Professor, University of Nottingham, UK

Martin Romantschuk, Professor, University of Helsinki

The keynote speakers include experts from different Scandinavian countries, but also from other countries and different continents. The list will be continously updated

Invited speakers from EPA in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark – more information will follow,