At the 6th of September we offer our participants to join our technical tours. This year we offer two separate tours but which ends with a common lunch in central Copenhagen.

Visit to practise range for fire fighting
A technical tour to Danish Emergency Managements Agency, Hedehusene.

At this site firefighters have been educated and practicing for a number of years. One of the things practiced there is the use of foam to extinguish fires. In 2015 the Estate Agency did an investigation to see if the ground water under the practice range was contaminated with PFAS as a result of the use of foam and other fire extinguishers containing PFAS. Hedehusene is located in an area used for drinking water. Today we are monitoring a PFAS plume in the primary ground water 13 m below surface. We have found PFAS as far as 1.200 m from the practice grounds. The tour will show the practice fields and where we will explain about the PFAS plume, monitoring, and other results. DEMA has agreed to show the use of foam, as we believe that a lot of the participants in the NORDROCS conference know a lot about PFAS, but may never actually have experienced the foam that we talk about.

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Innovation Garage, Skovlunde

The Danish regions operate nine contaminated test sites, which are used by the regions and their partners for test and demonstration of new technology for site investigation and remediation. This technical tour will visit the first established test site, the Innovation Garage in the Copenhagen suburb of Skovlunde. The Innovation Garage in Skovlunde is a former dry-cleaning facility contaminated with chlorinated solvents. The Capital Region purchased the site in 2012 to turn it into a living lab for testing new methods to investigate and remediate the sins of the past. A state-of-the-art pump-and-treat plant prevents the contamination from spreading from the site while it is used for testing. It is possible to divert part of the
process water to test alternative water treatment methods.

The site is fitted with indoor and outdoor testing spaces, kitchen, meeting room, office, toilets and WiFi. At the time of Nordrocs 2018 we expect to be able to show tests of membrane filtration combined with advanced oxidation as well as an industrial PhD study on electrochemical remediation in a tank experiment. We will also show results of previous testing and a couple of interesting projects in the pipeline. More info on the site can be found at 

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