Short course 1
Title: Capping Design – A Short Course
Held by: NGI and Texas Tech University

  • Contaminant mobility and intended cap functionality
  • Elements of cap design
  • Modeling using CapSim
  • Constructional considerations
  • Monitoring cap performance

Short course 2
Title: In Situ Thermal Desorption by Conductive Heating
Held by: Jan Haemers, Haemers Technologies, Belgium

  • Introduction to thermal desorption
  • Scientific principles underlying thermal desorption
  • Overview of different in situ thermal desorption
  • Technologies
  • Conception and design – feasibility – lab and pilot
  • Tests
  • Conductive heating (TCH)
  • Sustainable development and thermal desorption

Title: Sustainability assessment as a tool for more sustainable and resilient remediation of soils, groundwater, and sediments.
Held by: Jarno Laitinen et al. (Ramboll, FIN)

  • What is sustainable remediation?
  • Methods for sustainability assessment?
  • Introduction to SURE
  • Applying sustainability assessment
  • Stakeholder dialogue best practices