Opening session
Sofie Hermansson, legal advisor – SGI, SwedenSofie Hermansson is a legal expert at the Swedish Geotechnical Institute since 2006. She is deeply involved in the implementation of the Environmental Code and relating EU-legislation. Her focus is on helping supervisory authorities achieve a sustainable future. Specialising in the liability regarding contaminated sites, she has written several publications and guidance on that topic for example, ‘An introductory guidance for the Swedish implementation of the Environmental Liability Directive’. She has also written two publications on the behalf of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Lately her work has been focused on the legalities of the sustainable remediation of contaminated sites.
Erla Hafsteinsdottir – Environmental Geochemist Ph.D. – Verkis Consulting Engineers, Iceland
Erla has over 10 years‘ experience in the field of environmental research and management of contaminated land (soil and water). Her PhD-research at Macquarie University, Australia, focused on investigating the efficiency of metal phosphate fixation in soil and water that undergoes successive freeze-thaw cycling. The work included fieldwork in both Antarctica and the Arctic, as well as laboratory experiments, culminating in the PhD-thesis and the publication of five papers in peerreviewed scientific journals. Erla has worked as an environmental consultant and contaminated land expert, since graduating from Macquarie University, at three international consulting firms in Australia (URS, AECOM and Coffey) from 2012 to 2019. Joined Verkis in Iceland at the end of 2019 as a project manager and environmental and geochemical specialist, focusing on contaminated land. Project focus is on research and evaluation of the geochemistry of contaminants, monitoring and remediation of contaminated soil and water, technical advice, analysis of data and report writing.
Risk in soil, rock and groundwater
Do Mega Sites pose a risk to water resources?
Poul L. Bjerg, professor – Technical University of Denmark, DTU SustainPoul L. Bjergs research field is risk assessment and remediation technologies for contaminated soil, groundwater and surface water. This includes use of life cycle assessment tools and focus on holistic management of contaminated sites and water resources. Leader or participant in several research projects under Danish and International research programmes. Significant experience with collaboration projects with leading consulting companies and administrative bodies. Contributing to research and development projects at Danish Mega Sites and member of the Danish PFAS knowledge task force appointed by the Ministry of Environment.
Sediment and surface water session
Jenni Haapaniemi, M.Sc., Head of Department – Sitowise, FinlandJJenni Haapaniemi has 17 years of experience in environmental consulting. Her fields of expertise include risk assessments for contaminated soil, sediment and surface water. She has conducted/been responsible for more than 70 environmental risk assessment projects.  She works as a project manager and an environmental specialist and also leads a 40-person department that focuses on environmental surveys and risk assessments.
Management, Administration and Policy
Erik J. Joner, PhD.,
 Head of Department/Head of research – NibioErik Joner is soil microbiologist, with contamination and plant uptake as his speciality. He has worked with agricultur, urban soils and contaminated soil, focusing on processes and  remediation. In the latter years, his primary interest has evolved around soil health and carbon sequestration in soil, particularly regarding recycled waste streams and how these can be used to be benificial for soils and plants. Recycled waste streams encompasses plant residue, manure, composts, sludges, biochars and more. Recently, Erik has also worked with microplastics and antimicrobial resistance. He has much knowledge about EUs Soil Mission and the proposal for a Directive on Soil Monitoring and Resilience. The latter aims to accomplish healthy soils in EU by 2050, in accordance to EUs ambition in EU Zero Pollution.
PFAS, groundwater, remediation, characterization, fate & transport.
Dr. Charles Newell, Principal Engineer – GSI Environmental Inc. Dr. Charles Newell has more than 35 years of experience as an environmental consultant. He is a member of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, a NGWA Certified Groundwater Professional, and an Adjunct Professor at Rice University. His professional expertise includes site characterization, groundwater modeling, natural attenuation, LNAPL/DNAPL problems, groundwater and soil remediation, software development and tech transfer, and PFAS issues. He has served on several expert panels that addressed complex environmental issues.


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