On September 8 you are invited to join an excursion in the capital area. The visit starts in the morning (9 am from Radisson) and ends with a lunch at the gas plant area (13-14 pm), which is currently utilised for cultural activities. The timetable for the excursion is confirmed closer to the event. The excursion can be booked via the conference registration form and the cost for the visit is 45 € including transportation and lunch with introduction to the sites. For any questions considering registering to the excursion, please contact Confedent at nordrocs2016(at)confedent.fi.

More information about the sites:

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Kalasatama is an old harbour area located some three kilometers from the Helsinki City Center, and it is currently built as a residential area. The size of the area is 170 hectares. The occurrence of contaminated soil is taken into account in the City plan phase, in which the necessary remediation measures and its costs are identified.

The remediation is risk-based and soil causing environmental or health risk is excavated or the risks are assessed with other measures. In addition, soil is excavated due to building measures. Soil containing harmful substances is left to the deepest soil layers based on risk assessment.

The costs for the soil remediation of the first five City-plan areas is 7.5 million euros. 80 000 tons of soil is transported to deposition sites, which is circa 2000 truckloads. The remediation of the last City plan area, Verkkosaari, started in the end of 2015. The estimated costs are 6.5 million euros with 80 000 tons of excavated contaminated soils.



A gas plant has been working in the Suvilahti area during 1910-1973. The raw-material of the gas consisted mainly of coal and coke as well as oil during the last years. After the gas plant stopped operating mainly different cultural activities have been organized in the buildings and in the area. At the moment a circus, restaurant, small brewery and a photo shop are working in the old buildings.

The contaminated soil remediation was conducted in 2009 with the renewal of the technical network and the remnants of old foundations under the ground were removed. The buildings have been renovated and contaminated soil remediated based on the extent of the building measures.

In 2010 the gasholders were cleaned from the inside, and the telescope structure of the steel gasholder was removed. The soil around the brick-lined gas holder is remediated with Soil Vapor Extraction and the gasholder renovated starting from autumn 2016.